UPM thematic communities: In a scenario where research and innovation projects are increasingly multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and multisectoral, it is necessary to make more and better use of the existing resources at the UPM, as well as to enhance actions aimed at promoting and strengthening scientific and technological collaboration and to connect highly specialized researchers and research structures from different disciplines.


From this vision, in the context of agri-food production, the Agriculture 4DS Community raises how to face the Future agriculture challenges for 2050 from the UPM, based on the following questions:

•  Will we be able to feed the planet and address the agricultural production challenges in a sustainable way?

• Do we have enough knowledge to make it successfully? Biodiversity of species, ecophysiology of crops and interactions in agricultural ecosystems

•  How can we take advantage of existing knowledge?: Genomics, physiology, robotics, sensorization and artificial intelligence

•  How can we mitigate the impact of climate change and its effects on food production?

• How can we mitigate the impact of agriculture on the sustainability of agricultural ecosystems?: Soil health, Greenhouse Gas emissions or reduction of biodiversity

•  How can we address these issues from R&D&i at the UPM? Do we have the necessary infrastructures?




The mission of the UPM Agriculture 4DS Community is to advance towards an interdisciplinary and collaborative research and innovation organization, to address the scientific and technological challenges of sustainable agricultural production in the 21st century, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the major policies and strategies, with a special focus on the European Green Deal.